Mentoring in the Media

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Vicki Harrington - November Mentor of the Month

“One of the best times I’ve had with Cris was just recently,” said Vicki. “He showed me a comic book he’s making with all his own drawings. He’s very artistic. What I’ve enjoyed most about mentoring is being able to spend time with a young person and seeing my friendship with Cris grow.”

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Gary Olson - October Mentor of the Month

“Gary is a steadfast and passionate supporter of the Mentoring Program and has always been very modest about the value of his contributions. We are very lucky to have him in our program,” said Katie Lackler, Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program coordinator for the Calaveras County Office of Education.


Lindsey Titus - July Mentor of the Month

The Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program is honoring Murphys resident Lindsey Titus as its July 2017 Mentor of the Month. Titus is not only a dedicated volunteer mentor, but also a valued member of the Calaveras County Office of Education Student Support Services team.


Alan Horvath - June Mentor of the Month

Horvath’s match came about through a unique set of circumstances. He met Kevin, his 9-year-old mentee, through their church in Murphys.

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Mentors extend helping hands to young adults - SWAG program provides support

“He was very impressed with me and the skills that I had behind the wheel,” said Ortega. “Tallakson is the type of person that is all about the kids, all about being on time and helping out young adults to try to make their lives better. That was what I was trying to look for in a mentor in the SWAG program.”