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Be a Mentor

The Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program matches adult mentors with local young people. Mentors provide consistent, one-to-one support to Calaveras youth in achieving their goals and reaching their potential. The Mentoring Program provides ongoing training, group activities, and mentoring advice and support.

Mentors spend at least two hours a week with their assigned "mentee" for at least a year. We provide training and support, fun activities and ideas, and an eager child; you develop a friendship that can last a lifetime. 

Mentoring Matters

Youth today lack "natural mentors" because of changes in our society. More kids grow up in isolated communities or move from place to place, have a single parent or two working parents, and don't have access to an extended family. They find themselves alone too much of the time.

One documented common factor among youth getting into trouble is the absence of a consistent, caring adult outside the family to provide guidance and support — in other words, a mentor.
Nationally, Big Brothers/Big Sisters studies show that youth who have been meeting regularly with mentors for about a year are:
  • Less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs
  • Less likely to start drinking
  • Less likely to skip school
  • Less likely to hit someone
  • More trusting of their parents and guardians
  • Feeling more accepted by peers and friends

Mentor Commitments
  1. Complete the application process and the pre-match training.
  2. Spend at least two hours each week for at least a year with your mentee.
  3. Submit weekly mentor reports informing Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program staff of the progress of your relationship.
  4. Contact and/or visit your mentee’s school during the first three months.
  5. Contact your mentee’s referral agent during the first three months and be responsive if they need to contact you.
  6. Visit your mentee’s home and invite her/him to your home for a visit during the first three months. If appropriate, invite your mentee to visit your workplace to learn more about your job.
  7. Meet with your mentee and the Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program staff after three months for a Friendship Review Meeting.
  8. Attend at least three Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program group activities with your mentee over the year.
  9. Attend at least two additional mentor trainings or mixers during the year. (There will be one gathering each month.)
  10. Identify a goal your mentee would like to accomplish and support their success.
  11. Complete a community service project with your mentee. (The program will offer this opportunity or you can do it on your own.)
  12. Meet with your mentee and the Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program staff for an anniversary or graduation meeting.
  13. Have FUN with your mentee and enjoy the relationship!

Mentor Application Process

  1. Attend an orientation. 
    1. It's only an hour, no commitment, just information. Click here to tell us you would like to attend a Mentoring Program orientation or call the program staff at 209-736-6078 for information on upcoming orientations.
  2. Submit a completed application which includes:
    1. The application form
    2. Three character references
    3. A current negative tuberculosis test
    4. Proof of auto insurance
    5. Fingerprint and DMV clearance - done at Calaveras County Office of Education
  3. Sign up for an interview, which takes place at our office with a follow-up safety check at your home.
  4. Attend a required volunteer training.